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Pet Health Care

Retriever in field - Photo by Angel Luciano on Unsplash

As a registered veterinary nurse, I always carry out a full health check on your pet prior to starting a grooming session.  This is important to identify any problems that may be evident, so treatment can be discussed.   Any suggestions would be advisory only and not a diagnosis and I would always recommend that you seek advice from your own Vet if needed.

Weight and dietary advice

I also offer dietary advice for cats, dogs and other pets that can help different conditions such as hypersensitivity, skin conditions, allergies and weight management. Having an overweight pet can lead to serious health problems especially in older pets and pets that have been neutered which can be due to hormonal changes. It is important that your pet’s weight is monitored regularly and I can weigh your pet so that I can offer advice on weight management if necessary.

Over weight cat - Photo by Anna Yenina on Unsplash
Dog with beautiful chestnut coat - Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

Skin/coat care

Regular grooming is very important to maintain a healthy skin and coat condition. I would not advise frequently bathing your pet as this can remove the natural oils of the coat which could be problematic. Individual advise is given based on the condition of the pet’s coat.

I can also provide Dermacton products made by Aromesse which are a natural remedy for relief of itchy, sore and irritated skin. These products are proven to stop dogs itching, licking and scratching and helps repair damaged skin and can be suppled as:

  • Shampoo bar for bathing
  • Spray form for direct sore areas
  • Cream also direct skin application
Advice is always provided on an individual basis.


Keeping your dogs nails trimmed is important for mobility and well being. This is particularly true if your dog  spends most of its time indoors or on grass. If your dogs nails are too long they create pressure against the nail bed and cause pain for your dog. Frequent clipping will also help blood supply to reseed.

If you can hear your dogs nails scratching on hard flooring or if they are catching on clothing and soft furnishings they may need to be trimmed.

I am experienced especially with black nails.

Dog nail clipping - Photo by Ruby Schmank on Unsplash
Dog with big ears - Photo by kyle smith on Unsplash


It’s important to examine your pet’s ears regularly to make sure is clean, free of wax and hair and looks healthy. I would advise the use of an alcohol-free veterinary ear cleaner. Any wax and hair needs to be removed. I would advise that you would put the ear cleaner on the 2 separate pieces of cotton wool to reduce cross contamination rather than use a nozzle. This prevents too much liquid entering the ear canal which can leave a residue which can lead to infection.


To maintain healthy eyes, it very important to clear any debris and hair from the corner of the eyes using a damp cotton wool with cooled boiled water or tea (black tea no milk) as this a natural antiseptic. It is also important to use separate pieces of cotton wool to avoid cross contamination.

Cat with beautiful eyes - Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash
Anal glands - Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Anal glands

Anal gland are scent glands that sit parallel either side of the anus. Gland material act as a lubricant when your dog or cat goes to the toilet. Sometimes these can get blocked and need to be evacuated by a professional person. This sometimes can be dietary related and fibre content is paramount as this can help empty glands.

There are supplements that can help eg Fibor (fibre pellets).

Herbal medicines and supplements


Dorwest a leading authority on pet herbal medicine which provide herbal remedies and supplements for dogs, cats and other pets. Their homeopathic range has been compiled in consultation with homeopathic veterinary surgeons to ensure the remedies are safe for you to give to your pets. I sometimes recommend Dorwest products for health conditions which compliment prescribed veterinary medicines.

Please note: these products do not replace any prescribed medicines but work alongside conventional medicines.

I have access to a wide range of herbal remedies, some of which are in stock and others available to order for the following day. Examples of some products would be:

  • Valerian compound liquid which is particularly helpful for stressful situations.
  • Green Relief tablets which are used for the symptomatic relief of arthritis, rheumatism, skin and kidney disorders.

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I also supply Vetplus products for dogs and cats which are veterinary homeopathic remedies including for multiple health conditions. Products include:

  • Carmex for stress and anxiety
  • Fibor for anal gland problems
  • Coatex for skin and coat conditions
Advice is always provided on an individual basis.

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